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An Amazing Map Of Every College Mascot

The Chart of Collegiate Sports Teams is the latest from Pop Chart Labs, a massive map laying out the mascots for over 1100 schools from Division I to Division III. Unsurprisingly, a good deal of real estate is dedicated to animals. It’s there you’ll find the Wolverines (in the “weasel family” subcategory of the “mammals” section), along with big names like the Minnesota Golden Gophers and some lesser-known ones like the Rhodes College Lynx. Bulldogs and Tigers are both significant hubs, though the Eagle looks to be the most popular mascot of all, with 60 schools claiming it as their avatar.

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Lets all Hang Out

Yeah yeah we have all heard about Lolapalloza, Coachella, Bonaroo. These big wig festivals promise to offer good times as usual. However, if it’s slipped under your radar, check out The Hang Out Music Festival this year. The line up’s decent, but whats more important is the location. Where is it you ask? Just a little place called Gulf Shores AL. 

At Hang Out you can bum it around on the beach for a weekend while listening to some great music. Seems slightly better than dying of heat stroke and wading through knee high mud (sorry, Bonaroo). 

Can’t we all just hang out?

LCD Soundsystem’s final show at MSG is going to be one special event. I, for one, plan to be there, fists pumping, feet moving and hands clapping (yes I can pump my fists and clap my hands at the same time). 

For those unaware, this show has generated some serious buzz. In fact, it seems that LCD Soundystem front man James Murphy wasn’t even ready for all the excitement surrounding the bands grand finale. With tickets selling out in a matter of seconds (the majority of which were bought by scalpers), James and Co. decided to add a few additional shows leading up to the final event at MSG. This should give fans who weren’t able to snag the ridiculously hard to come by tickets a chance to see them one last time.

Check out Murphy’s explanation about the whole ordeal at the bands website Death to Scalpers!!


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